Recognising Rumi

Stories by Rumi

Mevlana Celaleddini Rumi is a Turkish Sufi, who has been embraced in the world with his sayings, thoughts and works. He has poems about Sufism in Persian. His works has been translated into many languages, his thoughts has influenced many thinkers and writers.
Composing his thought systemired by Quran and Hadith, Rumi writes about the ways of becoming a perfect human in his works, which are over 60,000 verses. In his most well-known work, Mesnevi, there are stories about how to be happy in both this and the other life, the aim of one’s coming to the world, general moral criteria like honesty, generosity; the immense love that is advised to give to all of the creations, and about tolerance. In these stories, there are clues for one to live in peace with oneself, the creator and the surroundings.
Like other Sufis, love and divine love are significant part of his thinking. Love is an important mean that helps one to get mature and takes her/him to the Creator.
Rumi, who has won people’s hearts from different religions and cultures and enlightened the whole world like a divine light with his teachings and advices, has been a guide for humanity and will continue to be…
“Rumi saved the world from a big turmoil seven hundred years ago. Today, the only thing that will save Europe is His works.”
Prof. Dr. A. J. Arberry
(British Orientalist and Rumi Researcher)

You will find the most beautiful and wise stories selected from the best-known work of Rumi, Mesnevi, in this book, “Stories by Rumi”. Stories with lessons by Rumi that inspires many wisdom pursuers from the East and the West…
You will very much enjoy these stories that have been diligently collected by Sadık Yalsızuçanlar…


~ by Nur Meryem Seja on September 20, 2007.

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